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Community Workshops

Community Workshops are single or multiple classes, generally scheduled up to one week long, that happen in Bay Area community organizations and schools. We offer all of our movement disciplines as workshops. Workshops combine Destiny’s Five Fingers of Violence Prevention curriculum with a performing or martial arts discipline.

In addition to our traditional disciplines, we offer workshops such as Increase the Peace and Real Talk/Real Moves aimed at fostering an open dialogue around challenges faced by the school/community. Schools and organizations benefit by adding our experiential workshops to culturally/socially relevant holidays and celebrations like Hispanic heritage month, Black history month and national women’s day.


Hip Hop – Modern – African (Shona & Congolese) – Afro-Brazilian – Breakdancing - Flash Mobs

Our workshops introduce dance technique in one of a variety of modalities while teaching community awareness and conflict resolution skills.  With the advent of dance in youth culture, particularly television programming and film, a workshop can be a wonderful bridge to engage youth in an authentic dance class experience. As the group is taken through warm-ups, a basic routine and choreography, they experience personal and collective challenges and successes which ultimately strengthen community ties.  Our teachers are also available to teach flash mobs for different special events.  Check out an article about a flash mob choreographed and organized by Destiny instructor, Giuliana Blasi.

Martial Arts

Kung Fu – Karate – Aikido – Capoeira – Tai Chi – Self-Defense - Self-Defense for Girls

Martial arts helps instill discipline, mental focus and physical development. Martial arts have experienced a rise in pop culture through film, video games and animation. Through years of practice and dedication to their discipline and the craft of teaching, our instructors will help illuminate the principles within martial arts to which so many youth are drawn. Classes include physical exercises, historical overviews, and philosophical perspectives. Capoeira workshops include an introduction to percussive instruments and call and response songs.

Theater Arts 

Spoken Word

Theater Arts helps open the lines of communication among students and creates a forum for honest self-expression. Spoken word is a contemporary form of performance poetry that draws from hip hop culture and places emphasis on personal and/or social narrative and commentary. Through theater arts and performance, youth develop critical oratory skills and become more confident performing in front of others. We have also found these workshops to be effective team-building tools that help foster positive group dynamics.


The ancient art/science of yoga combines various physical postures with intentional breathing. Yoga brings flexibility, strength and deep relaxation to the body and mind. Yoga has proven to increase focus, decrease stress and encourage self-reflection among students.

Conflict Resolution

In addition to our traditional disciplines, we can design conflict resolution workshops in accordance to your school’s needs. Examples of these workshops have included Increase the Peace and Real Talk Real Moves, both aimed at deepening community dialogue and awareness of challenges faced by the school community. Conflict resolution workshops utilize team-building games in conjunction with a movement discipline and discussion circles.

To bring a Destiny workshop to your school or community organization please contact Christina Chan, School & Community Programs Manager. Please allow at least a 3 week lead time for booking in order to match the correct Teaching Artist and art form with your Workshop.

What a brave band of determined souls is Destiny!

Alice Walker
Author, poet, feminist, and activist