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Destiny in Schools

“This was my first time having the pleasure to work with Destiny Arts. It was the best decision that I have ever made for my students. You have a very talented team and my students were enriched by their gifts. Thank you!”

- Eddie Scruggs Smith, Principal, Stege Elementary School,  Richmond


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Destiny Arts Center has provided after and in school programing to over 70 Bay Area schools since 1988. Our unique program combines movement disciplines with skills training in violence prevention, empowering students to a deeper understanding of themselves, their surroundings and the community. Students in Destiny’s school programs walk away with peaceful alternatives to violence and a greater sense of confidence. For some, there is even a marked shift from negative to positive role-modeling.

The core of Destiny’s school program is based on our Five Fingers of Violence Prevention Curriculum.  Instructors are vetted and trained in the most effective ways to combine their movement disciplines with the tenets of the curriculum.  Instructors meet bi-monthly in half-day sessions to review strategies, discuss solutions, and learn from one another the most effective ways to elicit peaceful change and positive growth for all their students. The program uses a combination of group-building games, violence prevention skills training and one or more movement disciplines to achieve powerful results.


Our violence prevention curriculum is the foundation of our in-school programs, but our diverse array of movement disciplines are the vehicles through which the work is accomplished.  Our talented instructors have often trained professionally for years, honing their skills and are leaders in their respective fields.  Destiny is pleased to offer the following movement disciplines.  We are continually working to improve and increase our offerings, so please contact us if you would like a program in a discipline not listed below.


Hip Hop – Modern – African – Afro-Brazilian

Destiny Arts Center has been at the forefront of youth dance in the East Bay for over twenty years. All of our dance classes are structured to strengthen dance technique in a variety of forms while teaching community awareness and conflict resolution skills. Through the process of a Destiny dance class, students gain body awareness, learn components of choreography and develop the confidence necessary to perform.


Kung Fu – Karate – Aikido – Capoeira – Tai Chi

Martial arts helps instill discipline, mental focus and physical development. Through the exercises, sequences, forms and philosophies associated with these disciplines, students develop confidence and self-esteem. The practice of Aikido, for example, instructs students in their ability to receive an attack and harmlessly redirect it. Classes also offer an historical overview of the discipline which helps students broaden their world view. Capoeira includes an introduction to capoeira instruments and call and response songs.


Theater Arts helps open the lines of communication among students and creates a forum for honest self-expression. Through theater arts and performance, youth develop critical oratory skills and become more confident performing in front of others. Spoken word is a contemporary form of performance poetry that draws from hip hop culture and places emphasis on personal and/or social narrative and commentary.


This special class explores dance from Africa and the African Diaspora through the lens of contemporary hip hop. African dance and music has had a profound influence on many contemporary dance styles including hip hop, modern, dancehall, salsa, samba and other forms. Typically the class will include multiple instructors who each specialize in one African/Diasporic dance style. Classes address the technique, culture, history, and modern application of each of the presented dance styles. As a result, students are able to experience the diversity and complexity of these distinct yet inter-related and influential dance styles. To receive the full benefit of this residency, we recommend a one-month minimum.



School residencies can be customized to fit the needs of a particular school or district. We have recommended packages developed to achieve maximum results in a one to nine month time frame. Residency classes typically run for one to two hours and meet once or twice a week. The majority of our packages also include one or two school-based performances and two off-site performances, hosted by Destiny Arts Center. We have found that showcasing student work promotes motivation, confidence and accountability.

Programs are most successful at schools that can make a large, open space available to our movement-based programs. Gyms, auditoriums, multipurpose rooms or large classrooms are preferred.  Ideally, schools will also be able to provide equipment for their desired program, such as: a sound system, theater props/costumes or crash pads. However, these supplies can also be added to the program budget as needed. Finally, we recommend schools add Destiny T-shirts to their budget to help reinforce classroom values and camaraderie.

For schools interested in a single class session, we offer Community Workshops, structured to address specific objectives.


Destiny Arts Center has worked with over 70 schools in the Bay Area since 1988. During the 2015-16 academic year, Destiny will reach over 700 youth in more than 25 Oakland and Bay Area schools. By serving young people in their own communities, Destiny is able to bring its violence prevention and movement curriculum to children most in need of movement and enrichment programming, free of charge to students and their families. Destiny Arts Center is a strong partner for principals, administrators and teachers in their quest to provide an enriching school day in our urban communities.

  • Burbank Elementary School
  • Butler Academic Center
  • Camp Wilmont Sweeney
  • Emerson Elementary School
  • Ford Elementary School
  • Futures Elementary School
  • German International School
  • Glenview Elementary School
  • Harder Elementary School
  • Lafayette Elementary School
  • Life Academy
  • Lion Creek Crossing
  • Manzanita Community School
  • Mills College Children’s School
  • Montera Middle School
  • Parker Elementary School
  • Peralta Elementary School
  • Piedmont Avenue Elementary School
  • Roots International Academy
  • Russ Elementary School
  • San Francisco Community School
  • Sankofa Elementary School
  • Schafer Park ElementarySchool
  • St. Elizabeth High School
  • Strobridge Elementary School
  • Vincent Academy
  • Westlake Middle School
  • Wood Middle School


We understand how difficult and time sensitive finding an excellent educational partner can be. We have therefore developed materials to help school administrators, teachers or parents share information about our programs with others.  For information on how to bring Destiny Arts Center to your school, please contact Aurora King, Director of School & Community Programs, to set up a meeting. We customize our programs to ensure the best fit with each school community.


Our in-school programs vary in length and concentration; our dedicated staff work with each school or district to find the best solution for their student body and budget.  Our budgets are comprised of artists fees, a support staff fee, a burdened rate and supplies costs for specified residencies.  Please contact Aurora King, Director of School & Community Programs, to develop the perfect program for your school.


I can spot a Destiny Arts dancer from a mile away...they view performance as a forum for expressing the best parts of themselves.

Linda Carr
Dance Director, Berkeley High School