Teaching Artists

Alonzo Young

Martial Arts Instructor

Instructor Alonzo Young: Martial Artist, Dancer and Media Architect, began his somatic training early as a youth in dance (later becoming a professional dancer with the Clifford Fears Dance Company) and as a martial artist in Kenpo and White Crane Styles while living in Detroit, MI. While living in Detroit Alonzo became a member of the Golden Fist (an international martial arts association) where he studied with a various martial artist and styles under the umbrella of brotherhood and friendship. From these humble beginnings Alonzo Young has studied, practiced and taught the martial arts now for over 35 years throughout Asia and the United States. He has received various accolades and recognitions. Mr. Young has Black Belts and instructor certifications in Aikido, Tai Chi, Kenpo and White Lotus Gung Fu. In addition to his martial arts training, he is a certified IMPACT Bay Area (personal self defense) instructor, leadership/management development trainer, as well as, a Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and Conscious EmbodimentLeadership coach.


Anthony Daniels

Martial Arts Instructor

Sifu Anthony is one of Destiny’s founding members, and has taught martial arts, youth leadership, self-defense and conflict resolution to youth of all ages for over 20 years at Destiny and in many other after-school programs in the Bay Area, including the California School for the Blind, Job Corps, the Chestnut Court Housing Projects, and Parks and Recreation programs. Sifu Anthony holds a first-degree black belt in Judo and a fifth degree black belt in Wu Chien Pai Kung Fu. Sifu Daniels has taught martial arts at Destiny since 1988. He started studying at age 13 and received his Black Belt in Kung Fu in 1982 and in Judo in 1988. He has over 20 years experience teaching youth and adults throughout the US, in Switzerland and Mexico.

Cera Byer

Hip Hop Dance Instructor

Cera Byer was born and raised in San Francisco’s diverse performing arts community. With a background that spans Musical Theater, Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, Hip Hop, Bellydance, Classical Persian, Indian, Flamenco, Afro-Caribbean, Samba, and more, she brings a unique fusion approach to dancing and choreographing.
Cera has been taking classes in dance, music, and theater, since she was 4 years old, and for the past several years has been blessed to teach, perform, and choreograph all over the world. Her favorite thing about teaching dance is helping each dancer unlock their own personal flavor, style, strength, and ferocity.
Cera holds a degree in Dance Performance and Choreography with a focus in World Music and Dance from San Francisco State University, and her favorite ninja turtle is Donatello.

Chelsea Elisabeth

Modern Dance Instructor

As a transformational artist and educator, Chelsea Elisabeth finds joy in utilizing movement as a vehicle for social change and community healing. She received a BA in Psychology and Art at  UC Santa Cruz, where she graduated with honors and received the 2011 University of California Irwin Award. Chelsea has trained in contemporary modern technique, traditional Congolese dance, Afro-modern, jazz, ballet, and performance/ composition. Chelsea has danced with the Congolese-modern Kiandanda Dance Theater, as well as the contemporary modern, dNaga Dance Company. As the Artist in Residence at the Big Sur Spirit Garden, she was a creative contribution to the Mending the Sacred Hoop Festival. Her facilitation of storytelling circles, creative protests, and workshops have allowed Chelsea to passionately integrate her commitment to community transformation through the arts.

Daniel Mattar

Capoeira Instructor

Daniel Mattar is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he was introduced to capoeira in 1994. In 1999 he began to train intensively with Mestre Marrom. In 2002, Daniel moved to California and joined the International Capoeira Angola Foundation (ICAF). Together with Contra Mestre Rogerio, Daniel helped to build the two spaces for capoeira angola in West Oakland. In 2007 Daniel received the title of Treinel in Rio de Janeiro, during the annual ICAF conference. Daniel is the leader of the ICAF Oakland group under the guidance of Mestre Jurandir.

JenAy Anolin

Hip Hop Dance Instructor

Jennifer “JenAy” Anolin was born and raised in Oakland, Ca and has been dancing since the age of 3.  She has danced for the professional dance companies the Oakland Ballet & New Style Motherlode.  She has also danced with UCLA ACA, UCLA Samahang Modern, DVS, Five-10, Ronnie Reddick’s La Femme Panache and Nicole Klaymoon’s Embodiment Project.

She is a teacher, mentor, artist and choreographer that works not only with adults but youth of all ages. She is currently pursuing a career in Nutrition and Dietetics/Personal Health and Fitness. She teaches a weekly House dance class at ODC in SF and is also the Founder/Director for the Oakland youth Hip Hop dance & nutrition focused group, “The GroovLings”.

I can spot a Destiny Arts dancer from a mile away...they view performance as a forum for expressing the best parts of themselves.

Linda Carr
Dance Director, Berkeley High School