Benefit to Communities

“Destiny has had a major positive impact on our son’s life, and that of our entire family.  We feel more connected with community, more hopeful about our lives in this area, and closer as a family unit.  Our son is more positive, more responsible, and more helpful.  We believe it’s because of the awesomeness of Destiny!”
Parent of 8-year-old Destiny student

Destiny Arts Center’s reach is far beyond that of the over 4,000 students that attend our classes at our facility and our school-based programs annually. Destiny’s philosophy of nonviolence and peaceful resolution to conflicts is a core tenet of our arts education programs. Each student learns the fundamentals of conflict resolution, creating a safe and supportive learning environment to practice these skills. In turn, students develop the skills to manage their emotions, resolve conflicts nonviolently, and make responsible decisions, with a deep understanding and connection to their peers, adult mentors and instructors.

broader impact

The research consistently shows that developing young people’s social and emotional skills reduces violence and aggression. Broader impacts include improved academic performance and better ability to thrive in schools and in the workplace. Students who demonstrate respect for others and practice positive interactions, and whose respectful attitudes and productive communication skills are acknowledged and rewarded, are more likely to continue to demonstrate such behavior. Students who feel secure and respected can better apply themselves to learning. Students who practice the Five Fingers of Violence Prevention, the Seven Steps to Conflict Resolution and the Principles of the Warrior’s Code thrive in educational environments and in their communities and, more often than not, become agents for peace.

Through our annual performances, Destiny extends its reach to over 20,000 people each year, with ample opportunities for students to demonstrate the technical, social and emotional skills developed in our studios and the classroom. Audiences are entertained and take back to their communities a message of peace, while learning more about our violence prevention philosophy and the values that shape and develop character amongst our students.

Destiny succeeds in instilling a sense of respect for fellow human beings.

Avi Jacobson