Our Future

For over 25 years, Destiny Arts Center has provided a home away from home for thousands of young people throughout the East Bay. As a violence prevention center and cultural institution in the heart of Oakland, Destiny is committed to providing young people a welcoming space where they learn how to creatively manage potentially violent situations, grow into peaceful global citizens, and become advocates for nonviolence in their communities and beyond.

As we enter our 26th year of providing critical after-school programming for our city’s youth, we will continue to build on the strength of our violence prevention approach, philosophy and programs. As we plot our course over the next five to ten years, we will align our mission and vision with sustainable and vibrant programming that continues to connect our community– one child, one class session, one performance at a time.

There is a clear link between cultural vitality and healthy communities. Cultural institutions provide a place for civic engagement, connection and opportunity. Therefore, in addition to providing targeted programming for youth and a place for the arts and artists to flourish, Destiny is part of a larger Oakland movement to truly manifest a city that displays a character and identity based on the creative contributions and aspirations of its community.

Below we have included our concrete, action-based commitments to our community, as we work together for the future of our home and our youth.

strategic goals

Maintaining our presence in the city of Oakland is critical for our North Oakland community and the many communities we serve. Our newly built community arts center serves as a place to build peace by creating a community gathering place and bring the arts to all.

Organizational sustainability is on the top of every non-profit organization’s list. Arts funding changes year to year; therefore, cultivating new sources of revenue, donations and earned income is a key strategic goal. Being competitive while remaining accessible is critical to continue serving our socioeconomically diverse community. We will continue to develop our fee structure to serve all who wish to build conflict resolution and technical skills.

So long as violence continues to be pervasive in our Oakland and East Bay communities, our programs will continue to be in demand. Destiny will explore opportunities to partner with institutions in adjacent communities so that all children and young adults can access our programs, closer to their homes and schools. We will continue to build on our professional development programs and train educators in our arts integrated violence prevention curricula.  Our advisors and staff will explore regional and national expansion for our violence prevention arts model as well as expanding our program offerings.

Non-profit organizations are challenged with finite resources and often have little capacity to celebrate successes. For 26 years, Destiny Arts Center’s reputation as grown largely by word of mouth. We will expand on our reputation and share our impact with the broadest audiences possible. A streamlined and values-based training program will be implemented to ensure every community struggling with violence is aware of and has access to the rich resources available through our Center and through our growing list of community partners.


Destiny succeeds in instilling a sense of respect for fellow human beings.

Avi Jacobson