Professional Development Services

Our professional development workshops are a fun, experiential way to introduce fresh curriculum concepts to school teachers, school administrators, teaching artists and community leaders. Destiny brings over 20 years of training experience to the table. Our professional facilitators have run workshops in numerous academic institutions, conferences and community arts settings throughout the country, integrating our violence prevention, team building, cultural competency, leadership and arts education curricula. Through our trainings, educators walk away with values-driven techniques that enrich classroom and school environments. Trainings can be structured as a one-time session or a series of workshops and are tailored to the needs of each organization.


“The workshop was amazing! The integration of deep political issues into performance and body movement gave me tremendous insight into how I will organize my own curriculum with students.”

Academic Case Manager, after participating in a Destiny workshop on integrating the arts into academic classrooms at Bridging the Bay Regional After School Conference, San Francisco, CA

Often a teacher or teaching artist comes in with their expertise but, has no understanding of creating community in the classroom.  Establishing this first allows for deeper creativity by the group as a whole, the individuals in the group begin to trust themselves and their classmates now colleagues; the group takes ownership of the process and their learning experience.  With Destiny Arts Center’s Sarah Crowell’s heartfelt and compassionate, clear leadership, learning is taken to a deeper and broader level.  She highlights teaching moments, moments where we can guide the students to their next level of ability.  I left her workshop feeling inspired and excited for the new year of “teaching” to begin.

Mia Tagano, Performing Arts Workshop teaching artist, after participating in a Destiny workshop at the Inventing Our Future: Integrated Learning Summer Institute, Oakland, CA




This training or series of trainings explore simple, practical ways for classroom teachers to integrate movement and theater into regular lessons as a way to enhance learning and engage students more fully. Participants will be taken through a series of movement/theater exercises that they can apply in their classrooms. There will also be discussion around the specific needs of the school community and ways in which the lessons can assist in addressing those needs.The workshop is open to teachers who teach all age groups and who have any level of performing arts background.



We all come to classrooms with history, culture and identity — and so do our students and teachers. Tapping diversity as a rich resource means we can create safe classroom environments for learning and for having conversations that honor each voice and every culture.

This workshop or series of workshops is geared towards in-school and after-school performing arts teachers and administrators who are interested in cultivating more culturally competent and responsive classrooms.  The workshops invite participants to explore their own cultural stories, find connections with others, and develop practical curricular ideas that celebrate uniqueness and foster recognition of similarities that span race, culture, gender and personal differences. Participants will leave with a renewed sense of confidence in their ability to utilize the cultural resources within the classroom as a tool for community transformation.

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What a brave band of determined souls is Destiny!

Alice Walker
Author, poet, feminist, and activist