QEAR Summer 2017 Application


Destiny Arts Center’s Queer Emerging Artist Residency (QEAR) Summer 2017 is a weeklong paid residency that cultivates the artistic growth of QTPOC (queer and trans people of color) artists ages 18-24.

Please note: this Summer 2017 residency is focused on the experiences of trans and queer performing artists who self-identify as Black and/or members of the African and Afro-Indigenous Diaspora. Priority will be given to artivists living within the Bay Area as a means of centering local grassroots art-activist organizing.

Led by Mentor Artist ChE, Summer 2017 artists-in-residence will dig into ancestral ritual, connecting to the powerful lineages that have sourced and sustained Afro-Indigenous activism for generations. Artists will work through a collaborative process to create solo and group installations that include ritual, storytelling, movement, and performance art.  These offerings will be premiered at an interdisciplinary performance and interactive art-making event that will serve as a space to dive deep into discussions of anti-blackness while identifying strategies for dismantling internalized racism inherent in the process of building QTPOC community.

This is a unique opportunity for young performing artists who also identify as Black and/or members of the Afro-Indigenous Diaspora to collaborate with ChE on their currently unfolding art action series, The People Could Fly: A #DignityInProcess Black Dreaming Exodus.”  Titled after the African American folktale, Black bodies rise in this series of freedom happenings and installations investigating expansive Black imagination. A pursuit of collective healing amidst State-sanctioned violence, #DignityInProcess FreeFolk weave dreams into reality—conjuring spaces of restorative creative practice, community ritual, and movement strategizing. QEAR artists-in-residence will have the opportunity to create and perform alongside #DignityInProcess FreeFolk, seasoned QTGNC Black/ Afro-Indigenous artivists who will offer their mentorship while collaboratively devising new work that invites a community to take flight.


Monday August 7th-Friday August 11th (10am-5pm)

Saturday August 12th Performance/ Day of Healing (10am-9pm)- The People Could Fly: A #DignityInProcess Black Dreaming Exodus


With full attendance, artists in residence will receive a stipend of $400 upon completion of the residency program. 


Artivists. Spoken word poets. Ritualists. Healers. Vocal musicians. Drag queens. Dancers. Theater geeks. Storytellers. Multidisciplinary Performance Artists. If you feel comfortable in front of a crowd and have a story to share, we want to hear it. Prior experience in a performing arts form will be helpful but is not required to apply. *This Summer 2017 residency is focused on the experiences of trans and queer performing artists who self-identify as Black and/or members of the African and Afro-Indigenous Diaspora.


Fill out the Online Application Form by WEDNESDAY, JULY 26 AT 5PM.

Applicants will be contacted by email by July 28th regarding the status of their application.

Please add the email addresses of Communications and Programs Manager Hannah Klein (hannah@destinyarts.org) and Mentor Artist ChE (che.art.life@gmail.com) to your email contacts to ensure that our messages don’t go to spam.


ChE is a Queer GNC Afro-Indigenous artivist weaving ancestral healing, transformative consulting, and social-engaged artmaking. ChE is an honored Fellow for the 2017-2018 Intercultural Leadership Institute celebrating their unique intersectional justice framework, Afro-Indigenous Liberatory Practice. Creator of the Underground Railroad: Liberatory Coaching for Creative Radicals of Color, ChE supports (QT)POC artists, activists, and innovators in charting a path to freedom. As the co-founder/host of the BGD podcast, Spirit Medicine, ChE provides accessible wellness tools and rituals centering (QT)POC. Rooted in multigenerational community, ChE founded the Art Liberation Troupe, a QTPOC youth performance group utilizing mentorship, dance, guerilla theatre, and political education workshops as tools for social change. ChE’s work as a cultural organizer includes Breaking the Silence: Teen Salon, Black Folks Dinner, Emergence, #BlackHealingMatters, Breaking the Mold, and The New Orleans Loving Festival. As a director/ choreographer, ChE’s work is robust with gospel soul sounds and movement of the African Diaspora that leave feet stomping and hands clapping. Brown University’s 2017 Black Spatial Relics Artist-in-Residence, ChE brings their Black Lives Matter artivist toolkit, #DignityInProcess throughout the country—merging site-specific performance rituals, Afro-Indigenous Wisdom Councils, and Freedom Schools celebrating the dignity of expansive Black evolution.

Learn more at http://che-art.life/


A pilot for Afro-Indigenous Liberatory Practice, #DignityInProcess is a nationally touring artivist toolkit in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, drawing upon the practices that have sourced the resilience of our ancestors for generations. This multidisciplinary platform merges art activism, ancestral healing, and QTGNC intersectional identity evolution within the Afro-Indigenous Diaspora. Through Art Actions- site specific performance rituals merged with direct action organizing, we call in the power of the ring shout, storytelling, movement, call and response to help us remember our sacred origins. Forming Wisdom Councils of Mixed Race, African-Native American, and Creole elders, multi-generational conversations lay the foundation for embodied accountability to sustain a movement of Black Liberation. Returning to the power of the circle, we build Freedom Schools embracing community learning that centers radical Black Feminism. Afro-futures emerge as we collectively celebrate the dignity of expansive Black life! Immersed in this #DignityInProcess creative intensive, QEAR artists-in-residence will walk away with a framework for social justice organizing, rooted in sustainable ancestral practices. Follow the process at http://che-art.life/dignityinprocess-1/


Email Destiny Communications and Programs Manager Hannah Klein: hannah@destinyarts.org


I can spot a Destiny Arts dancer from a mile away...they view performance as a forum for expressing the best parts of themselves.

Linda Carr
Dance Director, Berkeley High School