Our Facility

Destiny Arts Center is a 7,500 sq ft dance and martial arts center located at 970 Grace Avenue between Market St. and San Pablo Avenue in North Oakland. Entering our 27th year as a leading youth development organization, we purchased and renovated a former industrial warehouse into a welcoming, functional rehearsal and event space that serves around 2,000 people annually through classes, rehearsals, and performances. With 3 large dance studios totaling over 3,000 square feet, this recently constructed facility features sprung wood oak floors, mirrors, integrated sound, central air, changing rooms and restrooms. High ceilings, skylights and windows create a well-lit airy space for rehearsals, events, workshops, and more.

Destiny Arts Center is interested in developing long-term partnerships with local artists, dance companies, independent choreographers and nonprofits to provide an affordable option for their rehearsal, workshop, meeting, program space and event needs between the hours of 10am and 3pm.

Please email Onsite Programs Manager Bryan Massengale to learn more: bryan@destinyarts.org


If someone is trying to hurt us, we use our fighting skills, but only if we have to. We use our feet and our words first.

Rosalyn Green
Age 10, Peralta Elementary School (Oakland)