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Enrollment is now open for 3 months of classes starting Sept. 12th!

Sarah Crowell (and Bey) on YBCA100 List

Destiny’s Artistic Director joins Beyonce as artists¬†who “explore how art and culture create social change”

WE BUILT LOVE: a short documentary about QEAR + #DignityInProcess
“It calls us to make a difference…NOW!”: DAC in 2016

What We Do

We move young people to peace through dance, theater and martial arts.

Why We Do It

To achieve our mission to end isolation, prejudice and violence in the lives of young people.

How to Help

Your support keeps Destiny in schools and communities throughout the Bay Area.

If someone is trying to hurt us, we use our fighting skills, but only if we have to. We use our feet and our words first.

Rosalyn Green
Age 10, Peralta Elementary School (Oakland)