A dance/theater production

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Fri, April 14 @ 7:30pm
Sat, April 15 @ 7:30pm

*Tue, April 18 @ 10am
*Tue, April 18 @ 1:30pm

Fri, April 21 @ 7:30pm
Sat, April 22 @ 2pm
Sat, April 22 @ 7:30pm
Sun, April 23 @ 5pm

Laney College Theater
900 Fallon Street, Oakland, CA

*Tuesday shows are for school groups only
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Illuminate is a provocative, eerie, and sometimes hilarious dance/theater piece that explores the current socio-political environment through the lens of a Twilight Zone-like story that takes place at a high school dance. Tensions come to a head when students are faced with a school lockdown, a devious dance coordinator, and a power outage. Together, they are challenged to find a way to illuminate their environment so that they can find their way home. But this young band of resisters is not without guidance: the of visionary voices of activists like Angela Davis, Tim Wise, Van Jones, Alicia Garza, Valerie Kaur and America Ferrera emerge to help them light the way.  Through dynamic hip hop, modern and aerial dance, theater, rap and song, Illuminate will take you on a wild ride into the minds and hearts of youth who are passionate about justice and about shining a light into the darkness of this time in our history.

NOTE:  Illuminate is appropriate for youth 10 and up



    What a brave band of determined souls is Destiny!

    Alice Walker
    Author, poet, feminist, and activist